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Emma Longard

is a German recording artist and songwriter, who can be placed somewhere between pop, jazz and blue-eyed soul.

After releasing her debut EP „Elle“ in 2013 and the album „A Million Pieces“ in 2015, she went on hiatus from the spotlight in 2017 after having played numerous tours within Germany and burning the candle at both ends.

Fast forward three years to today, Emma has learned a lot about preserving her own energy, has grown and has developed a new and clear vision for her sound and message.

Now her main focus is to use her music to spread some calm and love in times, where more and more people lose themselves in the loud and busy world on and offline, like it happened to her. That’s how the title and the songs of her new EP „Quieter Pt. 1“ came to be.

Over the years, Emma has played countless live shows within Germany and also took the stage at festivals like Reeperbahn Festival and beyond the borders of her home country. Waves Vienna and MusExpo in Los Angeles have been a few of her destinations.

While being signed by EMI Publishing/Sony ATV from 2010 to 2017, the creative process of writing and producing her debut record saw her travel to established colleagues in London, Paris, Oslo and LA. Emma participated in sessions with Sasha Skarbek (Miley Cyrus, Lana del Rey), Martin Sjölie (Sigrid, Maria Mena) and Jimmy Harry (Madonna, Pink), learning what it means to make the most of the relatively short length of a pop song.

For her new material Emma was happy to have partnered with LA based label HRDRV, which follows an innovative, community based concept and gives full control to the artist. On the publishing side, Emma is delighted to have Sentric Music’s support, which is also a company that allows artists to have full insights into how their copyright is being handled.

As it’s currently difficult for artists to be able to perform publicly, Emma is looking to connect with her listeners through live videos, chats and streams. Besides providing new content as often as possible, a second EP is also planned for summer 2021. It will be called „Quieter Pt. 2“.

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„Quieter Pt 1“ EP

is a collection of six songs, set to be released from Jan 8th 2021 onwards, taking the listener on a journey from the darkness into the light. Arranged in the order of the saddest song to the most powerful, “Quieter Pt. 1“ tells the story of how one overcomes a crisis, bit by bit and by finding strength within, like the rising phoenix.

Guided by Emma’s soft and soulful voice, organic instruments, mainly piano, acoustic drums, guitar and well crafted, honest lyrics, we get a glimpse of what it might be like in Emma’s head. The German artist, born in Hamburg, took a five year long break after her first album release, because she felt like she had lost herself and her vision.

2020, the year when the world stood still, was the time she finally found tranquility and took a break from the everyday hunt for money as a session musician. Learning to meditate, do regular yoga and to appreciate the present moment, provided Emma with the much needed inner peace and way back to expressing herself through her own compositions.

The song „Quieter“ describes it perfectly: “How about a break, I don’t wanna run anymore, I wanna be awake, get quieter“ and goes on to say: “Building my walls to be safe and strong, building my walls“- making a fresh start on her own terms, a feeling anyone can relate to.

After having been on the road and on tour most of the time before and after her first album “A Million Pieces“ (2015), the six new songs were all written in the safe environment of her home and studio. Emma says, she enjoys co-writing with other artists, but prefers to write by herself when it’s about her own music. Not sacrificing her creativity for the current rules of the market and making absolutely sure, that her words and her melodies reflect her vision is her top priority. “I am my own creative director and label and believe that my new songs will resonate with so many people. I finally understood, that my musicality is not only for me, but can comfort many more. We all go through ups and downs in life. I am happy to have found my way back into my energy. Now it’s time to share it with anyone who needs it.“

Having written the songs and pre-produced them on her laptop, Emma then turned to longtime friend Fabio Niehaus (106 Hz Studios/Hamburg), who helped shape the arrangements and supervised the technical aspects of the production. Ruben Seevers (Festland Studios/Hamburg) was responsible for the mixing and mastering.

„Quieter Pt. 1“ will be released single by single, starting in January 2021 and will be completed as the whole EP by March 2021.

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