Emma Longard is a German recording artist and songwriter, who can be placed somewhere between pop, jazz and blue-eyed soul. After releasing her debut EP in 2013 and the album "A Million Pieces" in 2015, she went on hiatus from the spotlight in 2017. Fast forward three years to today, Emma has grown and developed a new and clear vision for her sound and message and is back in the studio for her second album, which is set to release later in 2020. Over the years, Emma has played numerous live shows within Germany and hit the stage at festivals like Reeperbahn Festival, Waves Vienna and MusExpo in Los Angeles. After being signed to EMI Publishing in 2010, the creative process of writing and producing her debut record saw her travel to established colleagues in London, Paris, Oslo and LA. For her new material Emma is happy to have partnered with LA based label HRDRV, which follows an innovative, community based concept and gives full control to the artist.

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